Summer Services 2024

Reach 6,340 children, youth, and adults in Nigeria and Egypt with enrichment activities this summer.

The Pulse

Support persecuted Christians.

Income-Generating Projects

Help persecuted Christians support their families.


Stand with Christians in Nigeria.

Our Impact

About Us

What Makes Us Different

The Pulse

Our Impact

Take Heart partners with local leaders in some of the most persecuted areas, seeking opportunities for development. We refuse to be a handout or a crutch. That’s why we come alongside villages for three years and local partners for five. We train them. We equip them. We encourage them. And we ensure when our time is complete, each partner can keep going, fully equipped to serve the Christians in their communities. It’s all about sustainability.


About Us


Motivated by the love of Christ, we exist to spiritually encourage, technically equip, and financially support local leaders serving persecuted Christians around the globe.


We desire to see the Body of Christ at peace, standing firm, and with great hope.

What Makes Us Different

100% to the Field

Thanks to private donors funding our operating costs, 100 percent of your gifts go directly to serving persecuted Christians around the globe.

All Denominations

We don’t discriminate between different denominations. Whether Protestant, Catholic, or Orthodox, we are all the body of Christ.


Local Partnerships

We partner with local churches and organizations so that persecuted Christians are taken care of long after Take Heart is gone.

Harder to Reach

We go where fewer are willing to go. We serve some of the poorest regions because poverty and persecution often go hand in hand.


The Pulse

The Pulse is a community of believers wanting to come alongside the persecuted in a consistent, long-term way. Apart from prayer, monthly giving is the best way to come alongside Take Heart.

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