“Giving back from your time and effort is the most noble and fulfilling act one can experience.” – Katia, Take Heart Volunteer

The ongoing war and trauma from ISIS are leaving youth and young adults in Syria and Iraq feeling lost and purposeless. With the help of a special volunteer, Katia Philip, Take Heart hosted a two-day life-coaching conference for young adults to help sharpen their focus, find meaning in their life, and deepen their trust in the Lord. Here’s what she had to say about her experience in the field: 

“Through my experience with Take Heart, I was humbled to meet some of the promising University students in Iraq and Syria.  We delivered group coaching and self-leadership training. The aim was to support them in restoring their faith and finding a new purpose in life after all the destruction they have witnessed.  These youth taught me a lesson in perseverance and resilience. Despite the hardship and scarcity of resources, they were hungry for learning, education and self development.

Helping persecuted families to settle back in a little town called Karemlesh, after ISIS diminished their homes and land; witnessing kids go back to school; training youth to overcome life challenges and creating projects to sustain income were the goals in hand. With the faith of this little town and the hard work of its spiritual leader, they conquered the impossible. Thank you Take Heart for the golden opportunity to serve the people and be a part of this remarkable journey.”

Katia PhilipKatia Philip

Take Heart Volunteer