FaezMeet Faez. He is known throughout Karemlesh, Iraq, as “The Happy Person” and knows no stranger. He remembers everyone he meets and constantly tells others about the Gospel.

His friends say he is very patient, strong in faith and heart, and is pure as gold.

Faez also lives with an intellectual disability. People living with special needs in Iraq are often ignored or abandoned. By the grace of God, Faez lives in a community that loves him.

But living with special needs in a persecuted-plagued area is still difficult. Getting a job is incredibly hard, if not impossible. And poverty and a lack of income often lead to increased persecution.

How does Take Heart help? We bring professionals specializing in counseling, life-coaching, income-generating initiatives, and other fields to northern Iraq to train local leaders on how to specifically help Faez and others living with special needs.

Those leaders, Faez, and others living with special needs (like Kirollos) covet your prayers. People living with disabilities face some of the worst persecution. Join hands with us in praying for them this Lent.