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Finding Partners

Take Heart’s vetting process starts at the national scale. We partner with established churches, nonprofits, and organizations looking to make a difference in harder to reach areas of the world, particularly the poorest parts of the world. Why? Because poverty and persecution go hand in hand.

Through those national partnerships, Take Heart goes deeper, finding and partnering with local churches in the community wanting to serve the persecuted. But village members also needs to be on-board. That’s where we find the leaders to serve, families committed to learning, and individuals with a desire to grow spiritually in the midst of great trial.


Take Heart, in partnership with the local and national churches, assesses the needs of each community and implements solutions and curriculum accordingly. We then train local leaders how to maintain our curriculum long after we are gone. For example, we fund grants to local churches to then offer micro-loans to village members capable of launching their own business but who lack the resources to do it. The villagers then pay back the loans, giving the church more finances to launch more income-generating activities.

Monitoring & Evaluating

Take Heart staff travels to each local church and national organization every quarter offering assistance, insight, and accountability. Our staff ensures local leaders are implementing our curriculum and are on track to graduate from our programs.