Our Impact

We are dedicated to strategic and self-sustaining work.

Our Impact

Take Heart partners with local leaders in some of the most persecuted areas, seeking opportunities for development. We refuse to be a handout or a crutch. That’s why we come alongside villages for three years and local partners for five. We train them. We equip them. We encourage them. And we ensure when our time is complete, each partner can keep going, fully equipped to serve the Christians in their communities. It’s all about sustainability.

Meet Esther

Esther is 4 years old and lives in Northeast Nigeria. She’s the fourth of seven children. This precious family was displaced by Boko Haram and now live in a camp for internally displaced people (IDP).

When Take Heart opened a school in the camp, no child’s happiness matched Esther’s excitement. Every day, she is thrilled to learn alongside her friends and is happy knowing people like you are coming alongside to support and pray for her.

Where We Work

Currently Take Heart Canada serves in Egypt and Nigeria. As our team and resources grow, we hope our impact reaches more persecuted Christians in communities around the world.